About Us

We are specialized in heavy machinery that are used in various kinds of constructions. With many years of experiences in sales, rental, repair and maintenance, we have been able to make our machines' dependability and efficiency worthy of your trust. We also guarantee the quality of our customer service.

Our Service

In view of various increasing demands of infrastructure machinery and low cost, we've made it our goal to search for quality refurbished machinery from domestic and worldwide markets. All the machines we offer have undergone strict selection, testing, and refurbishment. They, therefore, successfully meet our requirements as well as our customers'.

Construction Support

We also offer machine for rental at different construction sites. Such as various kinds of self propelled scissor lift & boom lift, which can be used for industrial or construction environments. Besides, diesel engine generator, air compressor and crawler drill machine are also available for rental.

Latest News

  • We offer two kinds of used machine: refurbished & non-refurbished.

  • We provide various kinds of construction machine to export overseas.

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